Sensitize the penis and glans & causes of a sensitive penis or glans

Sensitize the penis and glans & causes of a sensitive penis or glans


Preface The most important information at the beginning An insensitive penis due to incorrect masturbation What helps with Death Grip Syndrome An insensitive glans through circumcision Protective cap for the penis during circumcision Experience report Sensitize penis during circumcision with cream and protective cover Insensitive penis due to a lack of testosterone Testosterone test Insensitive penis due to a lack of testosterone Boost testosterone with testosterone gel Boost testosterone with Tongkat Ali


How can I sensitize the penis once the penis or glans has become insensitive? That essentially depends on the cause, as I would like to explain to you here in this article. For most of the reasons I have experience from readers of the site, with whom I sometimes wrote for months, you can find some on this page. I would always recommend a penis ointment, for this I use the sinSplash resensitively myself, as a good ointment is often enough in my experience. The resensitive protects the penis skin and this can be renewed underneath, which is particularly useful if the penis has become insensitive due to incorrect masturbation, or due to circumcision. If you are looking for more causes, I recommend you read this page carefully.

There are various reasons why a penis has become insensitive or a glans insensitive. Testimonials are below.

The most important information at the beginning

Reasons for an insensitive glans

The penis as a whole or just the glans may have become insensitive. This distinction is very important; if only the glans is affected, the nerves themselves cannot be affected.

Possible causes

> The glans have dried out from circumcision and rubs against the trousers.
>Eichel wird bei der Masturbator unnatürlich stark stimuliert.

> The glans is exposed to an unnatural pressure of the foreskin due to a phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin)

> Corneal apex

> Venereal diseases

> Injuries during sexual practices (can also occur with the penis itself)

Reasons for an insensitive penis

If the entire penis is insensitive, the following causes may be possible: > Nerves in themselves are insensitive > The part in the brain for the sensitivity perception of the limb is reduced, neurological in nature (e.g. dopamine deficiency) or otherwise a problem in the pleasure center. > The penis has been desensitized through unnatural masturbation

Sensitize the acorn

If the problem is only with the glans, the case is simpler, here the following program should be run:

Acorn Awareness Program

1.) During circumcision, protect the penis with a cover against stress, for example through consumption. Or a special cover.

2.) Sensitize the glans with urea and other regenerative additives (see report Sensitize the penis and glans)

3.) No hard masturbation! The best is a sensitizing lubricant or sex without a condom!

4.) With low testosterone> Tongkat Ali or Testo Gel.

Bild sinSplash reSensitiv basic 2x und 2 OR Tongkat Ali die standartisierten Kapseln 200:1

Sensitize the penis

If the penis is insensitive, the case is more difficult. The tips for sensitizing the glans (creams, masturbation, masturbator) can also be used here. In addition, the cause of the insensitive penis should be determined. You can enter yourself in the comment field below and you will then receive feedback from our sex expert. You can also receive the special report “Sensitizing the penis and glans” for both the glans and the penis for € 19.90. Basically, you should consult a urologist and endocrinologist, there may be multiple somatic (organic) causes.

An insensitive penis due to incorrect masturbation

If we masturbate with excessive pressure while masturbating, the penis can become numb over time. The ends of the penis are insulted and react with a decrease in sensitivity. This syndrome is also called the “death grip syndrome”.


What to do with Death Grip Syndrome

Step 1: shield your penis from external influences!
That means avoiding hard masturbation, if you are circumcised please follow the tips on circumcision. It is best not to masturbate at all, just use sex or a lust pussy that sensitizes the penis

Step 2: re-sensitize
I came across the sex conditioning program through the porn addiction forum: Sex conditioning with sextoy (Sinsplash Venus “Lustmuschi”) and NEM ( Here write “New sex life”

“In any case, I would like to use a sextoy and targeted conditioning to increase my libido again and improve my erection. As recommended in the article, I would like to work with the Sinsplash Venus sextoy. I already had 2 different ones, but the Sinsplash feels so good now that I want to work with it. The plan is to masturbate once a week when I think it works best. I have a girlfriend and therefore a long-distance relationship, I just can’t control that and it annoys me when she gives me nice pictures or sends videos, but I’m just ZERO in the mood for sex … I don’t need porn at all, because it’s extremely pretty and writing that, then with pictures and video, is much more arousing than porn anyway. Pronos excite me too Not at all. As a dietary supplement, I might be thinking of Mucuna Puriens, I’ve read that it should work. I already have tablets or capsules. “

An insensitive glans through circumcision

The penis is desensitized during circumcision because the glans rubs against the underpants. The following experience report:

The penis is desensitized during circumcision because the glans rubs against the underpants. The following experience report:

Experience report Sensitize penis during circumcision with cream and protective cover

Unfortunately, because of my religion, I was circumcised. I don’t hold it against my parents, but the lower sensitivity of the glans really bothered me. After doing some research on the internet, I found the site. There is another technique that was interesting for me to restore the foreskin [note from me: I’ll add that] otherwise I found all the necessary information from you and in the report. So far a big thank you! I then decided to start with the cream and the protective cover, as I unfortunately couldn’t find a recommendation from you [Note from me: will follow!] I also simply ordered the one from Sinsplash, because I also bought the ointment there and this in the newsletter as a beta test was offered. Then came a package with the ointment that was sent in a white pharmacist’s ointment box (looks different on the page, but I was informed by email that the formula was currently being adjusted and is currently being filled by the pharmacy). So far so good. I then began to apply the ointment in the morning and in the evening and to refrain from masturbating, I didn’t buy a sex toy because I always had sex 1 to 3 times a week (without a condom). Besides, it was too expensive for me. The ointment feels good, better than the one I’ve tested so far. There is also no stuff that smells strange or leads to intolerance, I had already tested 2 ointments for this, one from the sex shop and one from Amazon, both were not usable. Unfortunately, the ointment is not cheap. In any case, my daily routine was as follows: Take a shower in the morning, put cream on the glans, put a protective cover over it, and in the evening put some cream on the glans again. Then sex on the weekends. I had to wait a bit, but then I didn’t expect it to work immediately. After several weeks I noticed a significant increase in sensitivity, I feel more during sex and the orgasm is more intense. I was able to get used to the protective cover quite well. So far, I am very satisfied. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border


SinSplash now offers the following product upon request:

Protective cap for the penis during circumcision

Here is another experience report:

Hi Markus. For me, the Sinsplash cream and the silicone cap brought success. I got the silicone cap from England “Protector Sleeve Cap” it is called, but I think we also have it. I also took the Sinsplash cream because I found a few experiences here. The interesting thing is that the manufacturer offers products more often than “testers” when you subscribe to the newsletter. There is not much to report, after a few weeks the glans became more sensitive and now the sex works well again. It is difficult to say whether this comes from the cap or the cream, since I am also circumcised.


Insensitive penis due to a lack of testosterone

A lack of testosterone does not directly create an insensitive penis or glans. Testosterone is metabolized to DHT in the body, DHT is a neurosteroid that regulates libido and self-confidence. A lack of testosterone also creates a lack of DHT and thus a reduced self-esteem, reduced libido (desire for sex), rather less beard growth, depression, etc. Small testicles can also be associated with it.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency

Increased susceptibility to osteopenia and osteoporosis The bone mass decreases and osteoporosis may develop, in the worst case it may lead to heavy and dangerous bridges, usually initially to a fracture of the pelvic bone. Reduction in libido The libido is the height of the desire for sex, the “sexual appetite”. If we don’t have enough DHT, we don’t feel like having sex. Increase in the risk of depression Anyone who feels listless, weak and insecure and is always prone to depression should also clarify the causes here. I use the Creascreen test soterone test myself:

Personal tip. I often have the problem that I cannot draw blood well because my fingers have Rynaud’s syndrome. In order to still be able to draw the blood here, I use the capillary from my Reflotron. The Reflotron is a device for determining blood values, but does not offer any function for testosterone. Capillaries look like this: volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

Simply tap with your finger (even small drops can be sucked up) and then blow into the tube. Do you have any other tips, write me in the comments. 🙂

Testosterone deficiency is possible even with normal values

Here is a good article from the Ärzteblatt, the ärzteblatt is the largest German-language newspaper for doctors: Here is the full article: Testosterone Deficiency in Old Age: Normal or Pathological? (

Fix testosterone deficiency with testosterone gel

In addition to Tongakt Ali, testosterone gel is a way of increasing testosterone levels. It is only prescribed by the doctor if it falls below the reference value, which is only the case in the event of a significant deficiency. Theoretically, it is also easy to make a false statement at online pharmacies, I cannot legally advise that. To offer this to providers (testosterone via online prescription) I wrote here: Buy testosterone gel without a prescription or testosterone gel with an online prescription legally? – Men’s themes (

I currently have no experience report on testosterone gel and insensitive penis. If that changes, I will add it later. In addition to my own experiences, which I have already described, I currently have none and therefore copy from a forum.

Study on Mesterolone

Proviron is a synthetic DHT derivative, I found the following interesting study, as we are interested in the libido-increasing effect of mesterolone, here a study on tolerability.

26 patients (10 men and 16 women) with chronic hemodialysis treatment (three times for 5 hours) and renal anemia were treated orally with 150 mg mesterolone daily for up to 39 months. At the start of therapy, the patients had been dialyzed under stable conditions for at least 6 months; iron deficiency was excluded or corrected. A steady improvement in the anemia could be observed during the treatment period. After 39 months the hemoglobin concentration was from 74 ± 4 g / l to 95 ± 5 g / l, the hematocrit from 0.22 ± 0.01 to 0.28 ± 0.02 and the erythrocyte count of 2.44 ± 0.12 × 1012 / l increased to 3.09 ± 0.2 × 1012 / l. Side effects were rare; in individual cases there was an increase in appetite with an increase in body substance, acne or hirsutism in women. Mesterolone did not affect liver function. The results show that renal anemia can be favorably influenced by mesterolone, the side effects of this testosterone derivative being justifiable in women as well.


Experience report on Proviron

IMPORTANT! I also deal with sellers in my report, but this is informal and NOT to buy them there as a recommendation !!!

Report 1

Thank you for the warning. I will keep the experiment short and probably consult a doctor in the medium term, especially since I suspect that my hormone status is probably in need of improvement. Still a first water level report. I have now taken 25mg Proviron 3 times a day for 4 consecutive days. I would like to describe the effect as resounding: 1. Much greater pleasure and potency 2. Less tiredness, I feel much more productive 3. Better mood, my sometimes slightly depressed mood is gone 4. No more “dribbling” more 5. No more night sweats with me I had sex with my steadfast girlfriend significantly more often this weekend (several times a day), which I also experienced much more pleasurably than usual. The effect of the Tada taken in the usual dose appeared to me to be more than twice as strong as usual! I will continue to take the Proviron tabs for the coming week, but will reduce the daily dose to 2x 25mg. And keep reporting. Of course, such subjective testimonials as this one should be treated with caution. The placebo effect should not be underestimated, because I expected exactly the effect that occurred. On the other hand, it is so clear that I cannot believe in the placebo effect alone. Addendum: I noticed another effect of Proviron: I come faster (because I’m simply “hotter” with Proviron?). Which doesn’t hurt in my case, because for me the act often takes what feels like an eternity until I “finally” come.

Report 2

Water level message: There are 25mg tabs that I take. I have reduced the dose to twice a day since Sunday and now go to 1x a day. The beard is back, but clearly weakened. The amount of sperm has increased a bit, but not spectacularly. In a self-experiment, in which the last Tada intake was more than 60 hours ago and no sexual enhancer was used, the erection was somewhat better and more stable than without Proviron, but less good than with Tada without Proviron. Tada plus Proviron, on the other hand, is awesome for me, the effect of Tada seems to be doubled! On the positive side, even after a strenuous day at work, I am not dead tired in the evening, but rather fit. I sleep better and get out of bed more easily in the morning. All in all, there are so many positive effects that there is definitely potential for addiction.

Report 3

Since Tuesday I have reduced the dose to 1 tablet a day, always taking it in the morning. The effect has only been weak since then. In the mornings, the tab still seems to work well, because I can concentrate better than usual and am wide awake despite a slight lack of sleep (I’m usually more of a morning grouch, that’s gone with Proviron!) What is striking is the tiredness that suddenly occurs in the afternoon at work begins. Even today I was exhausted by the end of work and just before falling asleep. Then I threw a second tab at home in the evening, an hour later a 20mg Varden (Lovevitra) with it, and I walked to the Laufhaus (about 30 minutes away). On the way I noticed that I feel totally awake, clear and full of anticipation – in contrast to my condition without Proviron but with Varden or Tada, where too often I turned back halfway due to listlessness and tiredness. The act was really nice, potency and libido were there!

Von Menshelp

Insensitive penis Experience report with Tongkat Ali

The author is familiar with the experience report from meannerthemen. It is a serious experience report.

After researching why my penis is insensitive, I came to the decision to test Tongkat Ali. I first ordered from the Togkat Ali Shop, because the Tongkat Ali at the Only Real Tongkat Ali was out of stock and the shop looked somehow more serious to me. This Tongkat Ali didn’t work for me. As a student, I didn’t have that much money and at first I didn’t want to order any more. Due to the fact that I fell in love with a student and I was deeply ashamed that the sex wasn’t going well, I borrowed some money from a friend and ordered. The effect was really impressive, I assumed it would be as light as possible, honestly speaking, I didn’t think it would do anything at all. I assumed an act of desperation, but I just didn’t care. “Do that and then let it go,” I said to myself. After I took the Tongkat Ali, I noticed that I felt more powerful, more comfortable, more energetic. The penis became instantly, really instantly, sensitive. So my penis was never really insensitive, it was just the symptom of my low testosterone level. We then had sex in the course of our relationship and I cannot describe what an elation it was. Sure, sex is great, but the relationship was excellent, my best relationship I’ve ever had. What I am most happy about is that I know that she is satisfied.


I can safely say today that I had a libido problem. After checking the testosterone level according to your advice, it was low but still normal. Afterwards I had a 2-week cure with OR Tongkat Ali (note of the read action OR = only real Tongkat Ali a brand for Tongkat Ali) I noticed a significant increase in sensitivity. Together with sex and your sex toy training, I was able to completely restore the sensitivity in 2 months. In my opinion, the ointment also played a significant role, but I think it was primarily due to my libido.

Email eines Leser – Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert

Sensitize the penis with lust pussy and penis cream

My first real success was achieved with the penis cream. first I had an ointment from a urologist (the one with the silver, the silver is supposed to be disinfectant). Since this cream didn’t work, I looked further. The next test was a Bepanten, this didn’t really work either, but I had a better tolerance. Then I bought the Sinsplash cream that worked at least noticeably, the good thing was that it had no fragrances. After that I took some L arginine, I don’t know for sure whether that brought anything. But after I had the first successes I also bought the Sinsplash lust pussy and completely renounced porn. So I went here and masturbated twice a week with the lust pussy and without porn. After a month or more I noticed that the feeling was getting a lot better, after another month I had good sensitivity. It couldn’t have been the porn stop alone, as it was the third NoFap attempt. The first two were of little use. I don’t think I really needed the cream, but I’m going to continue doing it as before, because the success is already very motivating.


Sensitize the glans with silicone protection and cream

Hi Markus. For me, the Sinsplash cream and the silicone cap brought success. I got the silicone cap from England, “Protector Sleeve Cap” it is called, but I think we also have it. I also took the Sinsplash cream because I found a few experiences here. The interesting thing is that the manufacturer offers products more often than “testers” when you subscribe to the newsletter. There is not much to report, after a few weeks the glans became more sensitive and now the sex works well again. It is difficult to say whether this comes from the cap or the cream, since I am also circumcised.

Email eines Leser – Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert

Sensitize the penis with urine therapy

This experience report is copied from another site, namely from a forum.

Hello dear community and fellow sufferers, since I was radically circumcised myself at the age of 4 (2003) – probably completely unnecessary since I had no pain – I hardly felt anything during sex in recent years. That made me kind of sad and angry. I recently came across this forum and I am really glad that the forum exists and you know that you are not alone with your problems in this world. It’s just a shame that the forum didn’t exist in 2002/03, otherwise I might still have my foreskin. If a boy in this world escapes circumcision thanks to this forum, then I would be the happiest person on earth. Since I’ve been on vacation for the last few weeks, I’ve dealt intensively with the subject of keratinization of the glans and tried various things. Here I would like to list my tips for you, which have really brought about a noticeable improvement in me: Tip for the psyche: Be open about your circumcision. It might sound a bit hard, nasty and difficult, but it helps tremendously psychologically. For me it was z. B. in football club like this. It really took a lot of effort and courage to take a naked shower with the others because mine looks different, but if you just stand by it and appear self-confident, then there are no stupid comments from the others, on the contrary, the others think him then completely normal. Tip for sensitizing the glans: It might sound a bit disgusting now, but you can make the glans really sensitive and supple with your own urine. I always do it by pouring urine into a mug after taking a shower. Then I hang my penis in the cup with the urine and leave it in the “urine bath” for about 15-20 minutes. Then I pat it dry and cream it with Bepanthen wound and healing ointment. You won’t believe it, but after about 10 days of use I feel about 30% more during sex than before. What you shouldn’t do is smear any foot de-thinning creams on the glans, as these usually contain substances that attack the glans even more and thus make it keratinize even more and remove the callus with any files, etc. I hope I could help you a bit. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

Kopiert aus Forum zum Thema beschneidung

Personally, I can only advise against self-urine therapy, as there can be germs in the urine (I have that again and again). I would recommend medicinal creams with urea (urea is medically pure and sterile urea).

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