sinSplash Venus (Lustmuschi) experience report

sinSplash Venus (Lustmuschi) experience report

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Promotional video from the manufacturer in the german:


1.) Alleged advantages of sinSplash Venus Girl realism
2.) Research of experiences in forums
3.) Own test

1.) Alleged advantage of sinSplash Venus over normal toys

The sinSplash Venus manufacturer advertises with the following advantages:

1.) The SinSplash Venus is made of the realistic material “sinSkin”

2.) The texture inside is designed with the material and the design for realistic feelings instead of the optics

3.) The SinSplsah Venus sensitizes the penis and helps with an insensitive oak

4.) Realism allows you to train longer sex

5.) No unhealthy plasticizers, no petroleum base

The following advantages should be possible:

Research on sinSplash Venus

The SinSplash Venus was formerly distributed under and then under, meanwhile under All testimonials on sinSplash the 3 pages refer to the current version of All profiles were checked for the duration and other contributions and classified as serious.

Erectile tissue training What I personally like to advise my patients is sex training. So sex without a condom, this had proven itself in couples if the woman contraceptively. Otherwise, it is not recommended because of HIV and the possibility of conception. The erectile tissue is often poorly trained, here a erectile tissue training can be started with a sex toy (a sensitizing one like Sinsplash Venus vaginal masturbator (4)). In severe cases with PDE 5 inhibitors, otherwise a normal one is sufficient. The success of erectile tissue training, preferably with L arginine, is usually sufficient with moderate impotence. What is important is that they are not desensitizing vagina turbulators, they exacerbate the problem. Also, a sex toy must NEVER smell chemically. (Reference to a chemical plasticizer)

Hi folks, unfortunately my old account has been deactivated or I forgot my PW, can it be that the account will be deactivated if you don’t post anything for a very long time? Now to my real concerns, I would like to report on my experiences with a masturbator called sinSplash. The sinSplash is a sex toy that is designed to meet the highest demands, i.e. it should feel better like a normal masturbator and also offer other advantages, among other things, it is advertised that you can train yourself to have longer sex. What I can say: The material feels extremely soft and meaty, in my experience no comparison with TPE Toys or FL. The structure, as the providers write, is finely divided. The texture together with the material lead to a very realistic feeling. What I particularly liked is that the penis is gently forged and so very fine feelings are possible, I recommend using the sinSplash without a condom, the material should be harmless and does not stink like my other toys. To the really important. If you combine the start-stop technique with the sinSplash, it means only continue if you don’t come after you are just before the climax, you can a. longer with the toy and b. also have sex longer. So far it works quite well. So now to my question, are there pos or sex dolls where you use the sinSplash as an insert?

Hello Barnhelm I have had both versions for a long time, including the previous model. At that time the parts were called “Flush” (was a name derived from the “Flutsch!”?) And I didn’t get them directly from the manufacturer’s website. One of the reviews there is from me, if not written by myself for the site. I still find the previous model, version 1, which you probably can’t get on the site, much better. From a purely visual point of view, the parts may not necessarily be the screamer (version 2 looks a lot better there), but it is also a matter of taste and, last but not least, is also related to the conceived function. In terms of feeling, Version 1 is the best toy of this type I have so far, my Boogina is in third place for me (unfortunately, I find it much too firm compared to a real pussy). I would buy the visually very cool Boogina again, but then in the softest version that would be feasible (you can specify as far as I know when ordering, but I just didn’t know it at the time). Ok, I could say something about the product, unfortunately not about the website and the purchase process there, as I mentioned, I didn’t order MfG Superfluous directly there

Other user

After long periods of silent reading, I can also speak again. I wonder where some people always take their wisdom from? Not yet tested and it is being pulled over, mhm. Back when I signed up here, which was a while ago, I tested some toys and I have to say that I was initially satisfied with the sinsplash. Some of them I couldn’t get in or they glided too little, I also wrote some posts here. At first I thought I couldn’t use these things ^^ I don’t know if everyone is happy with it, it depends a lot on what you’re looking for. One can argue about the price, but for the difference to the FL that I bought I find it legitimate. It is the same everywhere, there are cheap products that may be good enough for some and for people who are looking for more, there are more expensive ones. This is the case with the cars, that is the case with the PCs and the clothes. Why shouldn’t that be the same with the toys? I can only say about the contours, it’s the question of what you’re looking for. If someone likes an FL contour, then they may not be satisfied with the Sinsplash, that may be good, but then it is no longer realistic. A woman doesn’t feel like she’s peppered with grooves either. @Superfluous which report is from you? Do you mean one of the emails? Would personally interest me now Logically it should be email 1, because the second one had no experience with toys. That would mean you’re circumcised, right? Could it be that you like the other Sinsplash better? Simply because it is more intense? For a long time I had a somewhat blunted acorn and slight libido problems. If I think about it, I could well imagine that a somewhat more intense toy would be better. Because of the claims of the site I would be interested in what is nonsense in your eyes, I just found it all conclusive. Of course, not all toys are extremely bad, they may have exaggerated a bit, the Japanese already have good things, but I still didn’t find any of them really realistic. I don’t think it’s too tight anymore, even if the FL are softer than the cyberskin stuff. That with the contours is also in line with my experience, that some feel little is not a secret, but some will just look for the tight close, otherwise you couldn’t explain all the positive comments on Amazon. I don’t know what the sinsplash is made of, but my silicone toys are much more stable and slide differently. For further communication see link.

Today I would like to report about one of the few sex toys that I currently use. In the sextoy thread here I read that the Sinsplash should be the best “pleasure pussy”. I find the expression funny and just call it a sex toy. I have 2 versions of it, one from and another version, this is a bit more handy, a bit thinner but not like a Flesh where it already numbs the penis. Since the new version has arrived, I’ll make a report here. Pro: + Simply really good material, if you warm it up it is really violent feeling real + No grooves as with other inserts + Suitable for torsos (version 2 no longer, it is more for the hand only) + Penis becomes “meatier” like during sex + If you create a vacuum, it also helps during sex (pushing the air out completely) to have a full sensitive erection more quickly + I can have sex longer as a result. So even with “dry spells” you learn nothing haha ​​+ no artificial petroleum material + good packaging and service minus – high price – not as robust as others (about the longevity I can not say anything, so far everything works, I do not use others so I do not know whether they hold better) – sold out more often and waiting times I ordered, because there is currently a cheaper price “Sale of the other versions” according to the newsletter. There are more versions, the second one appealed to me. As I said, it is a bit narrower, I can’t say better or worse, it is a little more intense. Ergo I get a little faster because of that, it’s like when a woman tightens a little more. After a while the sex toy creates a feeling where it becomes more and more realistic to open up the penis nerves. With poor libido or total erection problems maybe not or if you have masturbated with Fleshlight or the stuff broken. at least the manufacturers claim, no idea. This point is reached more quickly with the second version with less libido. I’ll get there faster. I think the maximum feelings are better with the first one. Yesterday I tested both, first the new one, then the old one. So it fits perfectly. No matter. These are subtleties. Delivered in a wooden box like a fine wine, I just put it in the living room, everyone believes there is wine inside. ^^ So it is sensitive, you can certainly break it. The material is very slightly sticky without powder, very soft and very “tender”. You immediately have a feeling of having something “sensitive” in your hand. Directly strange somehow if you are not used to it. I will upload pictures later if desired.

Own experiences

A package arrives, inconspicuous, simply packed in a very boring way. But I open it, what can you find, not a cheap paper packaging, it is a beautiful, noble wooden packaging.

efore I ordered I exchanged a few emails and noticed that they were “real” experts.

Immediately a feeling of having received a luxury product. A sealed letter is included, a personal thank you for the purchase. I open the packaging and a pleasant scent of roses pours out. Inside is a sinSplash Venus, a rose and a Mozart ball.

According to the manufacturers for the mutual love game. But I also want to have pleasure without my loved ones. ^^ I wanted to test as soon as possible, but if you make such an effort, I will also take some time as the instructions for use suggest.

So I go to the bathroom, I light a scented candle that is also included. The room is flooded with a pleasant fragrance. Before that, I bought a lubricant, because (you hardly believe it!) They don’t have any in the range. When I asked why, they had not yet found the perfect one and only want to offer perfect products. OK. Spit should be used by the partner. Ok, I think it’s erotic somewhere, but if there isn’t one? It becomes clear that the target group is a couple, so I accept the high price. Not for the teen who wants to break down his instinct, there are others for that. ^^

No matter. I take my silver laptop with me. An appeal. In comparison, it somehow even seems cheap to me, so perfect, not like handmade. No matter.

I open an erotic film as the manufacturers call it, lol. Well, a porno, what else. Really. ^^ Also an audio book. First I listen to the audio book, I take a warm bath, as the manufacturers have recommended to test the “libido powder” that they sent me. (Ok the testimonial is distorted by that, but I’ll do one more with the other toys).

So when I’m in the mood, hehe, the good thing comes into play. I don’t have to explain how to use sex toys, do I? But! So I stick to the pleasure tips of the very sexy spoken woman, I no longer need my film gr, in the head I push my own. ^^

Zack. Penetrating the warm toy I took in the bath was a little too much of a good thing, that was it. Surprised by the realism, but disappointed, I thought I can do it properly now, so much time and then … ????


I tested the days several times. The product is like a woman, you should handle it carefully ^^ It is just very soft and not sensitive in the hand. I’m a lot more skillful and think the anticipation, the voice, that was a little too much at once. I am much better now and can really enjoy it. I no longer use my hand. The SB has become a little less, but much more intense. I tested the other toys again with the powder, which is unfortunately out, they should be forgotten.