About this site

About this site

Welcome to men’s topics. My name is Markus and for over 10 years I have dealt intensively with the topics of sex, potency, testosterone, masculinity, etc. The site is different from other sites, because under deal intensively I also mean tests with dietary supplements, hormones, drugs, etc. I own an EEG (device for measuring brain waves), a Reflotron (device for measuring my own blood values) and numerous other medical devices.

I have tested everything myself, Tongkat Ali, Maca, Tribulus, Vitamins, Catuaba, Camiana, Pine Polle, etc. (food supplement) as well as numerous drugs, Neupro, Benzos, etc., hormones such as testosterone as gel, HcG etc. etc. However, everything under medical supervision Regulation and supervision.

I generally deal very intensively with sex, potency, libido, but also generally with medical topics such as depression, motivation, self-confidence and various diseases. Here I would particularly like to dedicate myself to the topics of masculinity, sex, libido, premature ejaculation, testicle size and testosterone.

I will gradually expand the site. I also sell guides here and (rarely) offer coaching, but I only use it to finance my research, as the devices and tests are always quite expensive. Product tests are neutral! From time to time I also translate English test reports / experience reports or an article.

If you have any questions, just ask me. 🙂 If you want interesting information on the subject on a regular basis, then simply subscribe to the newsletter.

LG Markus

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